Primary Pupils

What do you do with your pocket money and birthday money? Do you save it or spend it all straight away?

Many of you will get pocket money, birthday money, Christmas money or money for doing chores some time over the year. It is very easy to spend it all as we all have so many wants. If you save a little amount from what you receive every time, you will always have money in your savings. You can use your savings to buy the things you want.

How do you save money?

Save by the Bell is in your school once a week and you can save any amount of money from 1p to a few pound every week. You will receive a savings book in which each transaction will be entered and you can see how much you have saved. If you save £1 every week, you will have £44 pounds at the end of the year in your Save by the Bell account.

Why is it important to save?

Saving money is very important, especially as we grow older and we require money to buy things like a house, a car, to go on holidays, to go to university etc. If you save money, you will have enough money when you need it and won’t get into debts. Saving with Save by the Bell helps you get into the habit of saving regularly and research has shown that adults who save as children normally keep saving and don’t get into debt.

Many of the primary pupils save towards buying toys, going on holidays or for the P7 trip which usually costs quite a lot of money.

How can I save money with Save by the Bell?

First, you need to join Save by the Bell by completing the application form. Your mum, dad or guardian will have to complete and sign the application form, which you can get from the school office or download from our website. Once we receive the application form, a savers pack will be issued to you and you can start saving your money.

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