How do you manage your allowance and spending? Do you save it or spend it all straight away?

Budgeting your allowance for things you need and making sure that you have enough money to save a little bit from what you receive helps you to improve your money management skills. Saving money is very important, especially as we grow older and we require money to buy things like a house, a car, to go on holidays, to go to university etc. If you save money, you will have enough money when you need it and won’t get into debts. Saving with Save by the Bell helps you get into the habit of saving regularly and research has shown that adults who save as children normally keep saving and don’t get into debt.

How can you save money in Secondary schools?

Save by the Bell is currently in 31 Primary schools and 13 Nurseries across Dundee. We are currently in the process of extending this project to secondary schools, but there is no collections points in any of the secondary schools as of yet. This does not mean that you cannot save once you are in secondary school. For further information please have a look at the School leavers section and secondary school section or email us on

Saving as you grow……………….

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