How can Save by the Bell help teach pupils about money and savings?

Many primary pupils across Dundee have bank accounts opened by their parents/guardian to save money for the future, but children often don’t get involved in saving money or learn to manage their own money as it’s the parents who save for them. Save by the Bell provides primary pupil the opportunity to go and save their money in theschool. It helps to develop money management skills, cash handling and teaches them the importance of saving money. We also provide financial education sessions for P1 to P7 pupil on various topics to create financial awareness in young children.

How does Save by the Bell Financial education work?

As a part of the project, Save by the Bell provides free financial education sessions to all primary schools in Dundee. We provide introduction to various financial concepts depending on the age group and their level of understanding.  Topics we cover can be tailor made to fit in with the topics covered in the class. We do activities and presentation to make the class interactive and fun for the children. Each session lasts between 45 minutes to an hour. To see the topics we cover please have a look at our  financial education session in the home page.

If you are interested and would like more information, please email us on info.savebythebell@dundeecity.gov.uk


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